If you have the dream of using Google AdWords to earn a nice income every month on autopilot, then you are not alone. Many advertisers are living this dream each and day, and some people only use Google AdWords to promote their business. But the one thing that separates the person who makes $5,000 a month with AdWords and the person who makes $0 with AdWords is how they structure their campaigns.

Many people have different ways to tailoring campaigns. Google no longer allows marketers to link directly to an affiliate program page, so that method is now out of the question. However, if Google still allowed you to link to an affiliate product page, would that still be the best way to market a product or service?

Google AdwordsMany people have different views on this, and the argument could go both ways. But you need to know what methods have been proven to work, and that still work for improving your business using AdWords.

Below are 4 great tips for beginners for using AdWords to its maximum effect. You will find that these strategies are easy to follow, but are very effective if you follow them exactly. Trying to go from beginner to expert in 10 minutes is the surest way to blow all of your money on a non-profitable campaign. Here’s the first tip.

TIP #1: Understand AdWords

The best way to get acquainted with AdWords is to first find out more about it. The best thing about this is that Google has a ton of videos and articles on making your AdWords campaigns profitable. They want to succeed. And the only way they can succeed is to help you succeed. So I suggest you utilize their free and helpful tools as much as possible.

But Google isn’t the only one who shares helpful advice on AdWords. There are numerous books, courses, and even ebooks on the subject. Almost all of them provide great information, but you will want to pick the ones that are from credible authors or websites. These ebooks sometimes contain an abundance of helpful information on how to get the most from your campaigns.

TIP #2: Write your first ad

Next, you will want to write your first ad. Your ad shouldn’t be boring or bland, however, it should be relevant to your business or to what you’re selling. You want to get as many clicks as possible, and an attractive and creative ad will help you to do that.

The best way to get ideas on what to write is to take a look at some of your competitor’s ads. Simply go to the Google search engine and type in a keyword that someone would type when searching for products that you sell. When you see your competitor’s ads come up, read them ask you, “if I was a buyer, would I want to click on this ad?”

Whether or not you answer yes or no to this question, you will still want to study the ads to get ideas on what to write for your ad. This is a great way to start writing ads that will work for you immediately. Here’s tip number three.

TIP #3: Create a list of targeted keywords

This might be the most important part of your AdWords campaign. Large keyword list that is as targeted as possible.  And with a targeted keyword list, your funds won’t be depleted so quickly, and you can get the best clicks for your money.

A great tool to use for generating a large keyword list is Google’s free keyword tool (https://AdWords.Google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal ). Here you can type in a keyword that a prospect would type in to find your site, and find tons of other relevant keywords that you can bid on.

If you have an offline business, you may want to consider adding your city name at the end of each keyword. For example, if you’re a florist, you may want to select a local keyword such as, “florist in Los Angeles” or “florist in Los Angeles, CA”, and etc.

TIP #4: Know how much you can spend daily and monthly

You need to know the maximum you can afford to spend daily on your AdWords campaign. You won’t know this immediately when you first begin, but you can test certain budgets. So if you initially set your budget at $100 a day, and find out that you deplete your daily budget every day, then you may want to consider raising this number if your campaign proves to be profitable to you.

Even if you don’t know much about AdWords, these 4 tips will go along way in making your efforts to make AdWords profitable worthwhile. Start using these tips today so that you can start seeing returns on your AdWords investment immediately.

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