Web development means to develop a website by working on its technical aspects. The two main aspects of web development are:

  1. Web designers
  2. Web developers

Web designer’s works on the visual design and layout and web developers work on that design to develop a website which is fully working online and available all around the world.

Web developers should gather knowledge regarding different programming languages. Even there is a misconception about how many languages you should learn.

Must have skill-

HTML and CSS are the building blocks of all the web development processes. To be successful as a developer it’s important to master these two skills.

HTML is a set of structures and CSS is the changes and styles of the page. HTML and CSS are the basic raw materials to start a website. You can further add it’s not just a raw material but an important and integral part of developing a website.


HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. The Markup language means being a programming language it uses tags to identify the content. HTML tags are also known as “elements”. These tags have different names header tags image tags and so on.

Every web page is filled with tags surrounded by the content of the page.

Using HTML you can add different heading, format paragraphs, control line break, make lists etc


CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. As HTML is the basic structure of the web development, CSS is what gives the structure its style. CSS have different features like the color, images and background images. It’s an interesting and powerful tool to learn for a web developer the ability to changes the overall look of the entire web page gives your work a new dimension and appreciation.

So here is a small description for the two must have techniques. For further discussions stay with us.

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