Mobile applications also known as apps or mobile apps, are becoming the new trend with each passing day. There are different apps for different mobile systems.

Lot of time, thought and hard work is what a developer spends on a single mobile app created for a different mobile system.

The different methods of creating app for different mobile system are –

  1. Feature phones– feature apps are a lot easier to handle. The capability of a hardware used in it has limited capabilities. So a lite version of the apps is generally used.

With the advancement of technology, developers are creating a better feature phone for every user.

  1. Windows mobile applications– windows mobile apps are powerful and flexible to use. Working on this kind of platform gives chance to explore a variety of options which ultimately gives a great experience to the end user.
  2. Pocket PC – Almost same as the windows they use .NET which varies from the different platform.
  3. Smartphone’s– Every platform is different from each other. As a developer being familiar with each aspect is important because the diversity needed for each app is different.
  4. Tablet devices– Creating apps for a tablet device is different as the screen is bigger. There is a slight difference not a big one.
  5. iphones– Developer working for iphone must be creating all kind of innovative apps. Iphone is a versatile app which gives a developer a chance to become an all-rounder. For them creativity and versatility are must.
  6. Wearable devices-Wearable smart devices are becoming the new trend day by day. Smart glasses, smart watches and wristbands are a few examples we see.

As new trends are emerging technologies, facilities and the perceptions of users are also changing .As the user we are asking for change continuously and as a user we are also accepting by using it in our day to day life. So stay tuned to stay updated with us.

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