Google AdWords is an online advertising service, developed by Google, where advertisers pay based advertising copy to web users. Google AdWords is partly based on cookies and partly on keywords determined by advertisers. Google uses these characteristics to place advertising copy on pages where they think it might be relevant. Advertisers pay when users divert their browsing to click on the advertising copy. Partner websites receive a portion of the generated income



         1.IP address exclusion

From controlling add placements through targeting audiences based on location and language usage, ad placements can be refined with internet protocol (IP) address exclusion. This feature enables advertisers to exclude specified IP address ranges if they do not want their ads to appear there

      2.AdWords Express

It is a feature aimed at small businesses as it reduces the difficulty of managing ad campaigns by automatically managing keywords and ad placement. Also supports small businesses that do not have a website, allowing them to direct customers to their place page

     3.Placement Targeted Advertisements

Advertisers can enter keywords, domain names, topics demographic targeting preferences using AdWords. Based on this, Google places ads on relevant sites within the content network. If the domain gets targeted, the placements are being listed by Google then.


Remarketing is an AdWords feature that allows marketers to show advertisements to those that have already been to their website. This feature also allows marketers to create different audiences from website users and to show relevant ads to separate audiences. A more advanced subtype of remarketing is dynamic remarketing through which advertisers can show past visitors the specific products or services they viewed to further customize the experience and enhance conversion rates. This subtype is especially used by e-commerce websites that foster a diverse range of products and services and need to have their remarketing messages relevant to users.

     5.Ad Extensions

It allows advertisers to show extra information with their ads, such as a business address, phone number, or web page links. Ad extensions are created to improve ad visibility and attract clicks. They appear with the Search Network, above search results, and at the time on the Display Network.

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