An online advertisement platform provided by Google where advertisers pay to display their website in the search engine is known as Google AdWords.

It is a kind of marketplace for auctions where people bid for higher ranking.

Every advertiser chooses a specific keyword for bidding. You should choose your keyword according to the customers demand.

Higher the rate of bid, higher will be the chance of winning.

However, Google accepts bidding after considering two points:

  • Bidding- Cost per click and Cost per impression are the two options for bidding.

Cost per click is a simple process. You have to pay for each click.

In cost per impression you pay to the search engines for displaying the ads. The impression of the click must be 1000 or more than 1000.

  • Quality – Users should find your ad useful. Searching for a specific thing and not getting the required answer can have negative impact.

Google should find your ad relevant and most importantly useful to the viewer.

A policy you should be following religiously is being patient. Instead of leaving the campaign midway, advertisers must follow their strategies by making a proper checklist.

Some of the key points to remember before starting a campaign are:

  1. Keyword- For making your ad a success you need to understand your products demand. Choosing a proper keyword according to the users is very important.
  2. About your competitor’s history- Keeping a check of your competitors business is a must. You can check how many times a keyword is used in the last 3 months by your competitors.
  3. Landing page – An individual’s like depends on what they see. Your landing page should be attractive. Customer should find it worthy and helpful.

All these above are the few basics of Google AdWords. For starting a campaign you need to explore a lot more. Further basics will be explained in the next article.

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