In today’s industry each and every single entrepreneur needs to develop its website. A website application is developed by a web developer and a web designer.

What a web designer do?

Web design is the main reason behind the visual aspects and usability of websites- colour scheme, layout, performance of the website and the information flow.

Web designers are skilled and use a lot of different techniques and tools. Everyday a new concept and technique overrides the old one. So the designers usually stay updated.

The different techniques a web designer masters:

  • Software Layout
  • Html
  • CSS
  • Web architecture
  • Information design
  • Speed
  • typography
  • Colour palette

Web designer’s job is endless and interesting. As the scope of work is rising the demand of efficient designers also rising.

What a web developer do?

Web developer is the main reason behind websites, online videos, social media, blogs etc. Web development is the process carried by web developer.

Web developer generally codes and known to be the front end developer or back end developer or both. The three main aspects of website development can be said as

  • Client-side coding
  • Server-side coding
  • Data base technology

The three components all together show the overall scenario how difficult the job is.

Millions of job offers are waiting for developers and designers. But the ratio of jobs for developers is far more in counting then designers.  There is a need to be more skilled and technical.

Hybrid of designers/developers:

Hybrid means both at the same time a designer and a developer.  The mindset of such person reflects the side of a developer as well as a designer.

Being efficient at both the jobs hybrid designer/developer  is the need of the time. The young companies are eager to hire such employees.

The hybrid combo or meet the unicorn both the words stand out loud to make us understand the need to be more creative.

The designers are known as creative but developers are creative too. They need a different set of skills to write code and design as well.

Hybrids tend to raise more interest with time. A specialist is always referred.

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