Online reputation management is a process of controlling yours and your brand’s online presence.

Google is the top search engine providing a platform to more than one billion people.  So web presence is becoming a major part of the industry.

Judgments are based on what people see and it’s your responsibility to make a good impression.

Why should you care about your online image?

The Internet is becoming the first step for everything. Every single individual’s decision gets approved or changes after searching the internet.

A blend of online and offline marketing is creating magic. Each passing day our online activities are enhancing leaving behind other activities. So what stays is our online reputation.

A serious disadvantage is a mismatch and you are not aware of it. The problem behind this is not technical but the human.

According to the online reputation management, there are many factors that effects and there are factors which prevent.

ORM helps in multiple targeting. The ranking position of a page doesn’t affect the position of a search. ORM is basically concerned about what is written on the first page.

ORM is concerned about the misleading information a site provides. If it’s not relevant the position will automatically slow down.

ORM targets specific relevant information. The goal is not to attract visitors but to guide and provide search engines with proper information.

Online reputation is forever. Publishing something online will remain as it is. They will become the permanent part of your web presence.

Becoming more frequent to the social media sites is also a good idea. You can add and edit your information as your choice. So people will see what you want.

Replying back to negative comments is not a good choice. Detractors basically try to harm your image.

Depending on your needs, online reputation management can be simple or complex. Following a technical and a strategic way can take you to a long way.

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