Facebook Marketing needs extra effort and proper work on the strategy to reach the target audience. Facebook is a social network where people engage with each other through pictures, messages, chats, videos etc.

Facebook not only provides engaging with families and friends but also gives an opportunity to enhance your business market in several ways.

Facebook page is one of the ways of marketing your business. There are ways to know if your post, video or any other campaign reached the Facebook user or not.

The different types of reach are:

  1. Organic
  2. Paid
  3. Viral

What are they?

  1. Organic reach: Organic reach is the easiest reach as it’s decent and free. Whenever you add or post something on your Facebook page and someone sees it your number goes up.

People see your posts through their news feed, ticker or your official page. But it’s becoming difficult to gather more and more likes through this decent organic reach.

  1. Paid reach: Paid ads allow reaching the target audience of same interests and demographics. As organic reach is declining day by day we need to understand the benefits of paid ads. Organic reach is limited and the limits of reaching an audience for our business are not limited to certain people.

Paid ads are becoming the necessity for every business and it’s effective too.

  1. Viral reach: It’s a way of connecting to a post shared or liked by your friend. Viral reach is counted when someone else accesses a post and you reach it through their reach. So viral reach can be of different types as fans story, user story, mentioned post, check-ins etc.

Only organic, paid or viral reach cannot help a help a page to get traffic. You need to be more active and plan your strategies according to your business. Engaging to an audience more often is important and necessary.

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