Facebook is a two way platform of unique opportunities and Facebook marketing is one them.

To pump up your business performance and engagement, marketing activities are to be followed religiously.  Investing in a good marketing strategy is not just easy.

Number of platforms provides different methods of marketing and are not cost friendly.

Why we choose Facebook as a marketing platform?

With such a large user base and connectivity marketers can attract their target audience.  The minimum age to get an account is 13 and the range of active monthly user count is more than 1.23 billion.

The above data easily explains a marketers search for buyers and can easily be fulfilled. Facebook is used by each and every individual on a daily basis.

You don’t need a budget of thousands or lakhs to get in a game. A little bit of strategy and creatively can take you a long way.

3 important tools in Facebook Marketing:

  • Pages

A profile created especially for business, brands, organisations, events or for specific purposes. The only difference is the option changes to gain like not friends.

The platform is totally free. Pages work similarly updating users, link events, add photos and video, events etc.

Setting up a Facebook page is the first step toward setting your business.

  • Ads

Like any other platform for business advertisement, Facebook ads are also a paid medium. It’s basically a content that you pay for a specific audience. To achieve the targeted audience it’s a great platform. You need a Facebook page to have ads.

  • Groups

It’s same as we do a discussion or share our views. The only difference is the change of the platform. Facebook group helps to create our own group. A great way to gather your fans, interact with each other. Know your community well and building your brand.

Facebook marketing is a broad term. Even small enterprises can reach its target goal. A marketing strategy and a platform like Facebook  are both together a unique opportunity.

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