Marketing is the first step of success of any business. In the era of competition it has become obvious to plan a marketing strategy which is in trend and digital marketing is one of them.

Facebook is one such platform which emerged as a must for every start up or already established business. It’s very important to set a goal and have a strategy and also a budget to market your business in social media platforms.

Reasons to choose Facebook Marketing:

  1. Brand awareness- The main objective is to promote your brand to the group of people who have the same interests.
  2. Facebook live- Video ads are becoming the best medium for customer engagement. Facebook Live was introduced last year. It can benefit a business in a lot ways like product promotions, answer questions etc.
  3. Target audience- You can set your custom target audience in Facebook. Advertising campaigns in Facebook audience tool. It has features to make it specified for your target audience. You can upload contact lists, UIDS and phone numbers to target your specified audience.
  4. Chatbots- As the consumers in Facebook are increasing daily the need of Chatbots will definitely rise. Chatbots helps to create structured messages including images, links, calls to action etc.
  5. Feedback- in the older day’s company use to take feedback of their products and services through mails or voting polls. But as the time has changed now Facebook gives a direct opportunity of posting a status in your page and asking reviews.
  6. Growth- Facebook gave several opportunities to individuals or entrepreneurs to market their business digitally. Facebook has launched several features in the last four years that it has become pretty easier to work.

Digital marketing has become one of the main aspects of your business to explore and reach a new height.

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