In the earlier days, inventory was managed manually or with systems that were not accurate or appropriate for working. Basic time consuming system with no flexibility to manage was a problem too. In the next few phases a basic inventory management system was introduced containing debit and credit account books. System was not so advanced or superior in technology that we can rely on.

With the introduction of the ERP systems the inventory was managed brilliantly.  It contains modules which are intelligent and includes features like categorization, having processes based on auto inputs.

WMS system applications are designed to work like an extension to inventory management which helps in managing the warehouse operations.ERP systems do contain location management but it doesn’t supports warehousing operations.

A robust system comprising both the systems ERP and WMS will play a major role in managing inventory efficiencies.

WMS and ERP systems are different from each other as WMS manages inventory operations and warehouse operations.  They both are same but WWS needs to be managed a little differently.

With the introduction of scanning technology it was made easier to scan the barcodes and data could get updated in the WMS systems. A new technology was introduced RF scanners which was the extension of the WMS systems. RF scanners are mainly used in each and every system nowadays.

All these systems have helped the inventory system to be maintained properly, accurately, resulting in faster operations, maintaining warehouse operations etc.

RF Tag Ids have entered the inventory management system. Retail and textile industries are using it with making a place in the aero space industry also.

With the advancement of the modern day technologies different system applications are created in order to manage and maintain the different set of actions. It’s really important to adopt these systems to manage our inventory with accuracy. Deploying one single system to your offices , factories , companies etc will have visibility and control on all the systems.

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